What should I include in my report(s)?

  • Your grant transmittal letter will include the organizational benchmarks and anticipated results that you have included in your proposal to the Foundation and discussed and agreed upon with your program officer. We want to hear about your progress—in bullet format—toward achieving these results, as well as about other achievements that you may wish to highlight.
  • We also want to hear about challenges you faced and about what you learned along the way or intend to do differently in the future. [This information is important for us as we work to improve our own grantmaking practice, including improving the questions we ask as we review proposals. We also believe it can be helpful to our grantees as they reflect on their own work.]
  • We will also ask you to attach a line-item budget that shows how our funds were used, indicating unspent funds, if any, and a copy of your most recent audited financial statements.