What if key deliverables or results will not be completed or achieved before my final grant report is due?

  • If you have not completed the work you set out to achieve during your grant period at the time your final report is due, but have a high level of certainty that all the work will be completed before the actual end of your grant year, then we ask that you include in your report what you expect to have accomplished by the grant end date. A brief supplemental report containing an update on your work, a summary of results achieved, and any final deliverables may be emailed to the Foundation in the course of your discussions with your program officer closer to the actual end of your grant.
  • If, however, you do not expect to have completed a material deliverable or other portion of your work by the end of the grant period, we would ask that you contact your program officer to discuss the potential for or necessity of requesting a no-cost extension on your grant in order to allow you to complete the work.