Application Process

Please review Our Approach, our Guidelines (including the objectives and results sought in each program area), and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of our website before applying to the Foundation.

Letter of Inquiry

If you are not a current Altman grantee, we ask that you complete and submit a Letter of Inquiry, via our grant portal. There are no deadlines for letters of inquiry. We will review these in the order received and will contact you if we need further information.

We are always interested to learn about work that falls within the Foundation’s guidelines. However, please do not submit a request for the same program/project or a closely related program/project within the same one-year period.

Full Proposal

If we have suggested that you follow your Letter of Inquiry with a full proposal or if you are a current grantee applying for renewed funding, please log in to the grant portal where you will find the related application form in the “Proposals in Progress” section. Please fill out the application and submit with the required documents. In the application form, please select from the three types of investments most relevant to your request:

  • Investments in Direct Service
    In this area we support programs and projects that create human gain for people in our areas of focus. Historically, most of the grants in our portfolio have fallen into this category.
  • Investments in Capacity Building*
    At times we believe that making an investment in an organization so that it can achieve and sustain stronger gains for those served is the best investment we can make. In general, these investments are reserved for organizations with which we are already working.
  • Investments in Systems Change
    At times we believe that the most pressing need is to make an improvement in the larger context of factors and forces that affect programs and organizations. The Foundation will allocate limited grant dollars to strategic policy, advocacy, and applied research initiatives that advance the Foundation's grantmaking priorities.

* Please note that if you are providing technical assistance services to other organizations, they are your clients and you should complete the “direct service” application. The “capacity building” application is designed for organizations seeking to build their own internal capacity.

Additional Documents Required: All full proposals should include the items listed on the Application Checklist. We cannot review your request until all required attachments have been received.