Application Checklist

The following must accompany any full proposal submitted to the Foundation and should be uploaded to the Required Documents section in the application form on the grant portal:


  • A list of your governors, trustees, or directors, with their professional affiliations.


Financial review is an integral part of our due diligence process. Not providing the documents listed below will delay the review of your application.

  • Your most recent audited financial statement and management letter;
  • If your last completed audit is more than a year old, please also send unaudited financial statements for the fiscal year most recently completed, including a profit and loss statement and a balance sheet with the prior year included as a comparison;
  • For the current fiscal year:
    • A year-to-date profit and loss statement that compares budgeted and actual income and expenses; and
    • A current balance sheet.
    These documents should include unrestricted, temporarily restricted, and permanently restricted income and assets. Please be sure to provide the prior year’s information for the same period as a comparison;
  • A budget for the proposed project and for your organization as a whole for the year in which the requested funds would be used; and
  • Sources of income corresponding to the project and organization budgets:
    • Pending and secured public, corporate, and foundation supporters to date for the current fiscal year, with amounts; and
    • A list of public, corporate, and foundation supporters for the most recently completed fiscal year, with amounts.

Final Report, if applicable

  • A final narrative report on your previous Altman grant in the format that will be provided by the Foundation via our grant portal; and
  • A financial report showing how grant funds were expended.

All full proposals should be submitted via our grant portal.

The Foundation will no longer accept applications submitted in paper format or by email or fax.