Letter of Inquiry Process Update

Typically, the Altman Foundation uses letters of inquiry to learn more about organizations working in and across its five program areas. When openings in the Foundation’s portfolio become available, candidates that are a strong fit receive more in-depth reviews by the Foundation’s staff and, potentially, are invited to submit a full application for funding. The Letter of Inquiry process is currently on pause as proposals in our current pipeline, including specific responses to the COVID-19 crisis and active Foundation grantees that are eligible for renewal consideration, will be the focus of the Foundation’s work for the balance of this calendar year.

Current Grantees

You may use the grant portal to submit grant reports and/or a full application with all additional required materials for renewed funding. To retrieve your user name and password to get in through the portal, please visit the grant portal sign-in page by clicking on the “Apply Here” button below. Click on the link “Reset or create password”, enter the email address that we have used to communicate with you and click “submit”. You will receive an email with your user name and a link to create your password. After creating your password, you will automatically be linked into the portal. If anyone else will be working on the portal with you, we will need their name, title, email address, and phone number (with extension, if any) to enter them into our system before they can log in.

Please note

It is important that you answer all the questions on the application form that pertain to your request, particularly the questions in the Organizational Information section, before you click “Submit”. If questions are left blank, we will have to return your application to you, which will substantially delay consideration of your proposal.

If you need help getting into the portal or have any questions, please call or email Ann Maldonado at 212-682-0970 or info@altman.org with “Portal Support” in the subject line. Fluxx tells us that Google Chrome is the best browser to use with this system.

Fluxx currently supports the following browsers: Google Chrome (preferred choice), Internet Explorer Version 11+, Safari, and Firefox.


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