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Year: 2018

Advocates for Children of New York, Inc.
2018 - $30,000

To provide direct assistance and training to low-income, vulnerable New York City families who are trying to obtain the support and services their children need to succeed in school

All Our Kin
2018 - $50,000 (over fifteen months)

To expand All Our Kin's proven model for raising the quality, availability, and sustainability of family child care in New York City

America On Tech, Inc. (FKA New York On Tech)
2018 - $35,000

To help support out-of-school time technology education programs for underserved students

American Composers Orchestra, Inc.
2018 - $100,000 (over two years)

To provide capacity building support for American Composers Orchestra, as the organization implements its new multi-year Strategic Plan

Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York, Inc.
2018 - $85,000 (over two years)

To help support and expand A.R.T./New York's programs and services for New York City's Off and Off Off Broadway theatres

The Art of Problem Solving Foundation
2018 - $65,000

To support the expansion of Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics programming growth in New York City

ArtsConnection, Inc.
2018 - $25,000

To help support ArtsConnection’s Teen Reviewers and Critics (TRaC), Take 5, and Teen Advisory Council (TAC) programs

ArtsPool, a project of Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York, Inc.
2018 - $100,000 (over two years)

To provide capacity building support to help ArtsPool strengthen its operations as it expands the number of nonprofit arts organizations it serves in the areas of finance, workforce administration, and compliance

The Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development, Inc.
2018 - $150,000 (over two years)

To help support data-driven policy research and advocacy to help inform and shape the implementation and development of affordable housing in communities throughout NYC

Ballet Tech Foundation, Inc.
2018 - $50,000 (over two years)

To help support citywide auditions for public elementary school children and provide tuition-free ballet training, from beginner through the pre-professional level, for students from underserved backgrounds

Barnard College
2018 - $50,000

To strengthen and extend programs serving disadvantaged students and help support the academic success and persistence of these students at particularly vulnerable stages in the academic pipeline

Beam Center Inc.
2018 - $50,000

To support BeamWorks Youth Apprentices and Teen Instructors, a training program for low-income public high school students

2018 - $40,000 (over two years)

To help support board recruitment and consulting services for the New York nonprofit community

The Boys' Club of New York
2018 - $25,000

To fund professional development that supports the creation of a college-going culture within the Boys’ Club of New York

Breaking Ground Housing Development Fund Corporation (FKA Common Ground Community H.D.F.C., Inc.)
2018 - $100,000

To help support an assessment of health-supportive services

Bronx River Alliance, Inc.
2018 - $125,000 (over two years)

To help coordinate capital improvements and promote public use of the Bronx River Greenway

Brooklyn Kindergarten Society
2018 - $75,000

To provide early education and learning activities to more than 400 children in Brooklyn's vulnerable neighborhoods and professional development to staff

Brooklyn Youth Chorus Academy, Inc.
2018 - $100,000 (over eighteen months)

To help support the Choral Music Education and Performance Program’s direct service to 700 socio-economically diverse young people, and to launch an Artistic Leadership and Training Initiative designed to help build artistic capacity, train junior staff, and cultivate a future leadership succession path

Care for the Homeless
2018 - $100,000

To support the capacity to scale up delivery of primary care to homeless individuals in accord with a coordinated, disease-management, treatment-to-goal model

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York
2018 - $100,000

To provide support for efforts to maintain, build, and enhance the capacity of existing programs and services, including emergency food sites, youth programs, and immigrant legal assistance

2018 - $50,000

To support recruitment, coordination, and supervision of volunteer law-student advocates and enhance capacity to meet increased demand for legal services, guidance, and information among immigrant New Yorkers

Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens
2018 - $150,000 (over fifteen months)

To develop and pilot a multi-service  Immigrant Family Emergency Assistance Program aimed at strengthening immigrant family preparedness and support services

Center for Family Life in Sunset Park
2018 - $50,000

To support positive growth and development of underserved youth in Sunset Park through the Life Lines Community Arts Project

Center for New York City Neighborhoods, Inc.
2018 - $150,000 (over two years)

To help support direct services to New York City’s low- and moderate-income homeowners through a citywide network of community-based partners; to explore new models for harnessing the network’s capacity and impact; and to support capacity building and new project development by the Center

Center for Urban Community Services, Inc.
2018 - $35,000

To help support the Janian Medical Care Billing Infrastructure Project and its expanded focus on Medicaid billing for psychiatric services

Change Capital Fund, a project of United Way of New York City
2018 - $250,000 (over two years)

to help support the Change Capital Fund's efforts to strengthen neighborhood anchor institutions that seek to increase economic mobility among low-income people in high-poverty neighborhoods

The Child Center of NY, Inc.
2018 - $75,000 (over fifteen months)

To support an effort to better address social determinants of health by systematically conducting client needs assessments, referring for services and supports, and collaborating with Northwell Health to host, engage, and leverage the assistance of medical residents in this work

The Children's Health Fund
2018 - $75,000

To utilize a screening tool with homeless families to identify social factors hindering efforts to regain and retain housing, and to develop and pilot a Homelessness Risk Assessment Tool for use by primary care providers to identify and address risk factors of homelessness in their patients

Children's Museum of Manhattan
2018 - $100,000 (over two years)

To help support a two-year capacity building assessment and redesign of CMOM’s business practices related to programming, staff, and community expansion in preparation for the Museum's move to West 96th Street

Citizens' Committee for Children of New York, Inc.
2018 - $100,000 (over two years)

To provide general operating support for CCC's work on behalf of New York City's children and youth

2018 - $20,000

To develop a public awareness video series to engage New Yorkers in the Campaign for Children (C4C) priorities

City Futures, Inc.
2018 - $50,000 (over eighteen months)

To research, prepare, and strategically disseminate a report on  Rethinking New York City's Senior Services:  A Blueprint for Improving Services for New York's Fast-Growing and Increasingly Diverse Senior Population

2018 - $25,000

For general support of the Center for an Urban Future’s research and advocacy

City Limits
2018 - $15,000

To help support investigative reporting on the issues of New York City, especially those affecting marginalized communities

Classroom, Inc.
2018 - $65,000

To increase Classroom, Inc.'s impact in New York City by creating a professional learning community with Catholic partner schools and by expanding the use of its products in summer and afterschool programs

Community Health Project, Inc. dba Callen-Lorde Community Health Center
2018 - $45,000

To help support the continued work of the LGBTQ Shared Services Collaborative in its effort to identify, and plan to address, gaps and unmet needs for support and services related to social determinants of health

Community Healthcare Network
2018 - $35,000 (over six months)

To assess needs, explore interest, and plan for a potential pilot project to provide infrastructure and/or capacity support to community-based organizations addressing social determinants of health in collaboration with a community healthcare partner

Community-Word Project (CWP)
2018 - $70,000 (over 28 months)

To provide capacity building support to help expand and deepen CWP's program of training, supervised internships, and field building for teaching artists, classroom teachers, and partnering arts organizations working with children and youth in underserved communities

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
2018 - $120,000 (over eighteen months)

To help support the Saturday and Outreach Programs—arts intensive, college-preparatory programs for New York City high school students from underserved communities—and the implementation of an in-depth assessment of both programs

Cornelia Connelly Center for Education
2018 - $50,000

To provide general operating support for the Cornelia Connelly Center middle school and graduate support services

Corporation for Supportive Housing
2018 - $125,000 (over two years)

To implement and promote replication of the Bronx Frequent Users of Hospital Systems  (Bronx FUSE) initiative, a collaborative multi-agency effort to identify homeless individuals in the healthcare system and place them in supportive housing

Council on the Environment, Inc. dba GrowNYC
2018 - $35,000

To help support their work on behalf of community gardens and open spaces

Cristo Rey New York High School
2018 - $140,000 (over two years)

To provide general support

The Eagle Academy Foundation, Inc.
2018 - $75,000

To support extended learning and college readiness programming for 9th graders through the Reaching Young Men through Supplemental Education (RYSE) program

The East Harlem School at Exodus House
2018 - $100,000 (over two years)

To help the East Harlem School continue to expand operations and strengthen programs

East Side House Settlement, Inc.
2018 - $75,000

To help support the Post-Secondary Pathways (PSP) program as it expands to serve more students and facilitate the transition of participants from training and certification into the workforce

Entrepreneurial Ventures in Education (dba Summer Advantage USA)
2018 - $50,000

To provide support for a free, high-quality summer learning experience for children who attend New York City public schools in Brooklyn and Queens

2018 - $60,000

To expand, refine, and continue to evaluate Rising Readers, a 4th- and 5th-grade afterschool and expanded-learning literacy intervention

Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, Inc. (dba FPWA)
2018 - $60,000

To support the launch and continued development of a federal budget tracking tool, and a range of programs and services aimed at strengthening members agencies and other NYC nonprofits

Food Bank for New York City
2018 - $125,000

To help support Food Bank for New York City's 2019 Free Tax Preparation Program

The Foundation Center
2018 - $5,000

For general operating support

Fund for the City of New York, Inc.
2018 - $85,000

To help support Student Success Network, a Partner Project of the Fund for the City of New York

2018 - $200,000

To renew support for the Connections to Care pooled fund, a fund to help 15 community-based organizations meet their private matching fund requirements in a demonstration project aimed at improving access to and engagement with mental health care for vulnerable at-risk populations

The Fund for Public Schools, Inc.
2018 - $78,000

To support the continued expansion and evaluation of NYC Pre-K Explore, a comprehensive, two-year professional learning track with specialized training for teachers and site leaders to implement a research-based curriculum

Gina Gibney Dance
2018 - $100,000 (over two years)

To provide capacity building support for administrative and financial infrastructure as Gibney expands its space, technology, and programming

Goddard Riverside Community Center
2018 - $300,000 (over two years)

To be divided as follows:  $125,000 each year to support direct counseling services and professional development for counselors; and an additional one-time contribution of $50,000 in the first year to support the development of a data framework and pilot a Data Coop of nonprofits working in the college access and success field

Good Shepherd Services
2018 - $175,000 (over two years)

To help support a cluster of afterschool programs in East New York and Bedford-Stuyvesant

Governance Matters, Inc.
2018 - $40,000

To provide capacity building support as Governance Matters integrates charitySTRONG with GM's own online and personalized board recruitment and placement services, educational roundtables and events, and other organizational consulting services, and further strengthens and expands its stakeholder and funder base

The Grace Opportunity Project
2018 - $75,000

To provide general operating support for the GO Project's year-round educational programming for academically struggling public school students in grades K-8

Graduate NYC!
2018 - $125,000 (over three years)

To support the College Completion Innovation Fund's 2019 Grantmaking Cycle

Grand Street Settlement, Inc.
2018 - $45,000

To conduct a needs assessment to inform the design of comprehensive, community-specific youth programs for the agency’s intergenerational space located in the new Essex Crossing Community Center

Grantmakers in Aging
2018 - $5,000 (over twenty-two months)

To help support the 2019 Annual Conference in New York City

Groundswell Community Mural Project, Inc.
2018 - $70,000 (over two years)

To help support the implementation of its recent strategic plan, including initiatives to enhance Master Studio programs and evaluation tools

The HOPE Program, Inc.
2018 - $80,000 (over two years)

To help support a job placement program to help New Yorkers living in poverty achieve economic self-sufficiency

The Horticultural Society of New York, Inc.
2018 - $50,000

To help support the Neighborhood Plaza Partnership program's assistance to community-based organizations managing public plazas

Hot Bread Kitchen Ltd.
2018 - $70,000 (over two years)

To increase the impact of Hot Bread Kitchen’s workforce development program by quadrupling graduation outcomes and continuing to improve its bakery labor ratio and business model

Hudson River Community Sailing
2018 - $40,000

To help launch a second youth development program serving middle school students in Inwood and support Sail Academy college-going alumni

2018 - $200,000 (over two years)

To continue to strengthen the iMentor program in New York City 

Inner-City Scholarship Fund, Inc.
2018 - $30,000

To help support the Job Opportunities Program and begin to prepare students for post-secondary success

Interfaith Medical Center
2018 - $100,000 (over eighteen months)

To support the launch of One Brooklyn Health System, a new health system that will preserve and enhance access to healthcare services in low-income and under-served neighborhoods of Brooklyn

Jazz at Lincoln Center, Inc.
2018 - $50,000

To help support the Middle School Jazz Academy and continue work with MSJA alumni

Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island, Inc.
2018 - $50,000

To achieve, improve, and sustain gains for needy, vulnerable individuals living in under-served NYC communities such as greater Coney Island

Jewish Home Lifecare Manhattan (formerly The Jewish Home and Hospital for Aged)
2018 - $60,000

To support the Geriatric Career Development Program for under-served NYC youth

Lawyers Alliance for New York
2018 - $60,000 (over two years)

To provide business and transactional legal representation, education, and consulting services to NYC nonprofits

Legal Outreach, Inc.
2018 - $125,000 (over two years)

To support the Summer Law Institute and College Bound Program, with the aim of preparing under-served NYC youth for college access and success by fostering vision, strengthening academic skills, and enhancing confidence

Make the Road New York
2018 - $100,000

To provide provide health access and legal services and support to immigrants and their families, and to conduct educational initiatives to assist immigrants preparing for changes in federal policy and enforcement priorities

2018 - $100,000

To support services, programs, public education, and organizing on behalf of immigrant New Yorkers confronting concerns and risks related to immigration status, healthcare, and other necessary benefits and services

2018 - $50,000

To support a mental/emotional health initiative aimed at building new skills, services, and resources to help address the needs of members experiencing high degrees of fear and stress, while providing support to staff

Medicare Rights Center, Inc.
2018 - $66,000 (over eighteen months)

To promote and help to shape an improved program of integrated care for New Yorkers who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid

Mind-Builders Creative Arts Company, Inc.
2018 - $100,000 (over two years)

To provide capacity building support for Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center

Mouse Inc.
2018 - $50,000 (over fifteen months)

To help support the merger of Mouse and Code/Interactive

National College Advising Corps Inc.
2018 - $125,000

To help support the CAC's expansion in New York City

Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, Inc.
2018 - $60,000

To help support technology-based enhancements to its financial empowerment services

Neighborhoods First Fund for Community Planning
2018 - $100,000

To support the Neighborhoods First Fund's collaborative grantmaking

New Heights Youth, Inc.
2018 - $40,000

To support planning and capacity building in preparation for program expansion and a possible move to the Bedford-Union Armory development in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

New York City Employment and Training Coalition, Inc.
2018 - $35,000

To provide ongoing communications and convening services to member organizations and the workforce community

New York City Youth Funders
2018 - $5,000 (over two years)

To support the NYC Youth Funders network

The New York Community Trust
2018 - $150,000 (over two years)

To help support the New York City Workforce Development Fund

2018 - $150,000 (over two years)

To help launch the Mosaic Fund, a new donor collaborative supporting arts groups that are led by, created for, and serve African, Latinx, Asian, Arab, and Native American people

2018 - $100,000

To support Early Childhood Partners NYC, a collaborative funding network dedicated to ensuring that all NYC children enter kindergarten prepared for lifelong success

2018 - $200,000 (over two months)

To help support The Fund for New Citizens' efforts to build the effectiveness and capacity of New York City's immigrant-led and immigrant-serving nonprofits

New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute
2018 - $100,000

To help support the Early Childhood Leadership Initiative to provide career support and professional development to early childhood program leaders and directors in New York City

The New-York Historical Society
2018 - $100,000 (over two years)

To implement enhancements identified through the New-York Historical Society's recent evaluation of its educational programming for students and teachers across the New York City metropolitan area, and expand work with targeted audiences

The New York Immigration Coalition, Inc.
2018 - $150,000 (over two years)

To provide general operating support for policy advocacy, communications, constituency education, and capacity building on behalf of member organizations serving immigrant New Yorkers

2018 - $50,000

To help support a Rapid Response initiative focused on strengthening the capacity of member organizations to reach and educate their communities

New York Interschool Association, Inc.
2018 - $25,000

To provide capacity building funds to support a part-time consultant to identify and mentor faculty of color and under-represented minorities and match these candidates with administrative and leadership positions in independent schools

New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, Inc.
2018 - $100,000

To support an Immigrant Health-Needs Advocacy Project aimed at strategically using health conditions and healthcare needs in advocacy and representation; and to improve the treatment of immigrants involved with the immigration enforcement system across a wide range of settings and circumstances

New York Legal Assistance Group, Inc.
2018 - $22,500

To identify and recommend models for the provision of suitable respite for the "medically homeless" in New York City

The New York Public Library
2018 - $100,000

To help expand The New York Public Library's Early Literacy Initiative

Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York, Inc.
2018 - $60,000 (over two years)

To strengthen, promote, and protect the New York City-area nonprofit sector

2018 - $75,000

To support OneGoal's expansion in New York City schools

Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn Inc. (OSA) (dba North Brooklyn Parks Alliance (NBK Parks))
2018 - $45,000 (over fifteen months)

To help support the development of a network of parks groups in North Brooklyn

Orchestra of St. Luke's/St. Luke's Chamber Ensemble, Inc.
2018 - $35,000

To help strengthen the programming and support the strategic growth of the Youth Orchestra of St. Luke’s, an intensive afterschool instrumental learning program in Hell’s Kitchen

Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute, Inc.
2018 - $75,000

To develop and disseminate best practices and advocate for policies that strengthen long-term care in New York, improving both the quality of home care jobs and the care that direct-care workers deliver at home to the most vulnerable

ParentChild+ Inc. (FKA The Parent-Child Home Program, Inc.)
2018 - $200,000 (over two years)

To support further growth, assessment, and improvement of the Family Child Care program in NYC, and a new partnership with the Public Prep charter network to extend PCHP's one-on-one home visiting model to Public Prep families

The Partnership for Inner-City Education
2018 - $125,000 (over two years)

To help build the Partnership's Advancement Team to expand the donor base and increase the amount of funds raised

Peter Westbrook Foundation, Inc.
2018 - $35,000

To provide program support for this youth development program anchored by the sport of fencing

Philanthropy New York, Inc.
2018 - $17,350

For general support

Power of Two, a project of Fund for the City of New York, Inc.
2018 - $75,000

To provide general operating support for Power of Two to serve infants and toddlers and their primary caregivers through a short-term, evidence-based home visiting program, Attachment and Bio-behavioral Catch-Up (ABC)

Pursuit Transformation Company Inc. (FKA Coalition for Queens)
2018 - $75,000 (over fifteen months)

To help support C4Q’s capacity-building efforts, including its implementation of a new Customer Relationship Management system

The Queens Borough Public Library
2018 - $200,000 (over two years)

To help support an Out-of-School-Time Outcomes Analyst and the development of an outcomes-driven, evidence-based, measurement-focused framework for the Library’s out-of-school-time programs

Queens Community House, Inc.
2018 - $35,000 (over fifteen months)

To help implement the first phase of an agency-wide database system using a Salesforce platform

Queens Council on the Arts, Inc.
2018 - $50,000 (over two years)

To help support the High School to Art School Portfolio Development Program

Queens Museum of Art (dba Queens Museum)
2018 - $100,000

To renew support for the Museum’s New New Yorkers arts and literacy initiative for recent adult immigrants and help support the Museum’s partnership with the Queens Library

Read Alliance, Inc. (formerly Reading Excellence and Discovery Foundation, Inc. dba Read Alliance)
2018 - $100,000

To support the Read Alliance FY 18 School Year and Summer Reading Programs

Reel Works Teen Filmmaking
2018 - $50,000 (over fifteen months)

To support MediaMKRS, an innovative digital credentialing platform for media studies and workforce readiness in film and entertainment

Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, Inc.
2018 - $45,000

To help expand ‘high road’ opportunities in the New York restaurant industry through workforce development training and partnerships

Rockaway Waterfront Alliance, Inc. (AKA RISE Rockaway Initiative for Sustainability and Equity)
2018 - $50,000

To help support the development of a strategic action plan and an organizational development plan

Row New York, Inc.
2018 - $150,000 (over two years)

To provide general operating support for Row New York's youth development work

ScriptEd (dba Code Nation)
2018 - $75,000

To support ScriptEd’s New York City-based pipeline of programming

The Shed NYC, Inc.
2018 - $125,000 (over eighteen months)

To provide capacity building support for The Shed’s audience development and community engagement strategy

Sphinx Organization, Inc.
2018 - $25,000

To support and grow the capacity, sustainability, and impact of the Sphinx Organization's New York partnerships and programming

Springboard Collaborative
2018 - $75,000

To support the growth of Springboard Summer in New York City

Staten Island Children's Museum
2018 - $25,000

To help support the Museum Intern and Ambassador Program for teens

Student/Sponsor Partnership, Inc.
2018 - $50,000

To help support the College and Career Program

The Studio in a School Association, Inc.
2018 - $125,000 (over two years)

To build capacity through the new role of the Manager of Curricular Design and Instruction, who will oversee and align curricular frameworks and training practices used both by Studio’s New York City Schools Program and by the Studio Institute

Summer on the Hill
2018 - $50,000

To provide high-quality academic enrichment and guidance on school choices to high-achieving, low-income public school students in grades 3 - 12 from the Bronx and Upper Manhattan

Sunnyside Community Services, Inc.
2018 - $65,000

To support the Dementia Coach Initiative, a coaching model to build the skills and confidence of home health aides working with clients who have Alzheimer's disease and/or dementia, with the aim of improving client outcomes and employee retention

Support Center for Nonprofit Management, Inc.
2018 - $50,000

To help provide capacity building services to New York City nonprofits in the areas of change consulting, professional development, and executive search and transition management

Supportive Housing Network of New York, Inc.
2018 - $50,000

To help ensure that homeless high-cost Medicaid users are effectively matched with supportive housing units, and strategically prioritized within NYS's Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative

Union Settlement Association, Inc.
2018 - $50,000

To help support Union Settlement's College Readiness Program

United Hospital Fund of New York
2018 - $145,000 (over eighteen months)

For continued support of the Partnerships for Early Childhood Development initiative and the goal of strengthening clinical-community partnerships focused on addressing social determinants of health in early childhood

United Neighborhood Houses of New York, Inc.
2018 - $60,000

To provide general support for policy analysis and advocacy; member education, peer learning, and services; and the incubation and facilitation of innovative programming

United Way of New York City
2018 - $100,000 (over two years)

To build UWNYC's capacity to serve as a backbone organization empowering collective impact networks to increase educational outcomes, financial strength, and stability in low-income communities

Urban Assembly Inc.
2018 - $75,000 (over fifteen months)

To address the "Summer Melt" phenomenon between high school graduation and college matriculation and support Urban Assembly alumni through the first three years of their post-secondary paths

Urban Pathways, Inc.
2018 - $115,000 (over fifteen months)

To connect residents in four supportive housing sites to comprehensive community-based health care and supportive services, provide health education to residents and staff, and seek to reduce inappropriate use of emergency medical resources

Woodlawn Conservancy, Inc.
2018 - $80,000 (over two years)

To help support the Preservation Training Program, a workforce development initiative helping young people develop job skills and obtain employment in stone masonry and historic preservation while also contributing to the restoration of The Woodlawn Cemetery, a National Historic Landmark

Workforce Professionals Training Institute
2018 - $150,000 (over two years)

To help support research on career development within the occupational field of workforce development, as well as to help support WPTI's efforts to review, redesign, and augment its training offerings, leadership-development programs, and peer-learning initiatives, and to expand the modalities it uses to deliver these resources

Young Invincibles
2018 - $50,000

To support #DegreesNYC and amplify the voices of young adults in New York City’s postsecondary systems

Youth Development Institute
2018 - $45,000

To support the Career Internship Network and to pilot an intervention to support using data for program enhancement