The Parent-Child Home Program, Inc.

  • Leake and Watts - Lucia

The Parent--Child Home Program (PCHP) is a national early literacy home-visiting program designed to close the achievement gap by providing under-resourced parents with the skills, information, materials, and encouragement they need to prepare their children for school and life success. PCHP targets families facing significant life challenges, including those isolated by poverty; immigrant, refugee, and homeless families; and teen and foster/kinship families. In NYC, PCHP has demonstrated its effectiveness at reaching hundreds of diverse families, from parents and children living in public housing to very recent immigrants. Since 2013, researchers from New York University have been conducting randomized control trials with two of the Parent-­Child Home Program’s (PCHP) flagship sites in New York City (in Brooklyn and Queens). The studies, designed to examine the effects of the program on Black and Latino children’s school readiness and school success, will continue following the children through third grade. Key findings thus far include:

  • PCHP children in both studies have better social-emotional skills and better language skills than the control group – two key indicators of school readiness; and
  • Program parents reported pro-social competence (i.e., fewer behavior problems) more often than control group.

In order to increase its reach and impact, PCHP has designed and piloted a Family Child Care model that leverages the decades of experience PCHP brings to home visiting. Early learning specialists visit family child care providers in their homes during the day while the children are present and model reading, conversation, play, and activities that build engagement, enrich the learning environment, and support provider--child--parent interactions. The materials and books that the children bring home further connect the parents and the child’s home environment to early literacy activities in their care environment. Always a data-driven organization, PCHP is conducting a multi-year implementation and impact study to refine the model.