In carrying out our mission and making choices about how to invest our grantmaking dollars, we are guided in our selection process by our results-based orientation and by several overarching values that cut across program-area lines. These values are access, system-wide improvement, prevention and early intervention, self-sufficiency, the provision of high-quality services, and a focus on vulnerable populations.

The Altman Foundation:

  • Seeks to increase meaningful access for New Yorkers to quality programs, institutions, and resources, both public and private;
  • Encourages system-wide improvement and change while at the same time maintaining our tradition of direct service and the opportunity to test models in action;
  • Prefers to support preventive and early intervention strategies;
  • Supports efforts that help New Yorkers build and preserve self-sufficiency;
  • Encourages innovation and funds programs and organizations that provide high-quality services based on best practices in their field and that exercise systematic efforts to track credible and meaningful results; and
  • Has an interest in supporting programs that serve vulnerable populations, in particular children and youth from underserved communities, immigrants, and the elderly.