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Year: 2016

The 52nd Street Project, Inc.
2016 - $35,000

To build fundraising, marketing, and programming capacity

American Ballet Theatre
2016 - $150,000 (over two years)

To help provide organizational capacity building support

American Museum of Natural History
2016 - $100,000 (over two years)

To provide capacity building support for the Museum’s Education Department in preparation for the new Gilder Center for Science, Education and Innovation, scheduled to open in 2020

Amigos del Museo del Barrio, Inc.
2016 - $50,000

To provide capacity building support for El Museo's education programs, including the further implementation of the new cross-program initiative, The Curious Life

ArtsConnection, Inc.
2016 - $35,000

To help support the Take 5 and Teen Reviewers and Critics (TRaC) programs

2016 - $25,000

To help support Anticipating and Managing Organizational Change, ArtsConnection's strategic planning process

ArtsPool, a project of Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York, Inc.
2016 - $100,000 (over two years)

To provide capacity building support to help ArtsPool expand its administrative-infrastructure services to nonprofit arts organizations in the areas of finance, workforce administration, and compliance

The Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development, Inc.
2016 - $140,000 (over two years)

To help promote the creation and preservation of affordable housing in New York City

Ballet Hispanico of New York, Inc.
2016 - $25,000

For general operating support and as a final grant

Ballet Tech Foundation, Inc.
2016 - $35,000

To help support citywide auditions for public elementary school children and provide tuition-free training, from beginner- to pre-professional-level, for 675 students from underserved backgrounds

Barnard College
2016 - $65,000

To help support the academic success and persistence of students from underserved communities at particularly vulnerable stages in the academic pipeline and build the capacity of staff, faculty advisors, and mentors working with first-generation, low-income students

The B.E.L.L. Foundation, Inc.
2016 - $100,000

To help support a BELL Technical Assistance Summer Program partnership with the New York City Department of Education (DOE) and the Office of Community Schools (OCS) serving 390 scholars at five community schools in NYC

2016 - $25,000

To help nonprofit organizations in New York City identify and recruit engaged and productive new board members

Breakthrough New York, Inc.
2016 - $100,000 (over two years)

To help support the College Bound Program

Bronx Children's Museum
2016 - $50,000

To help provide capacity building funds to continue the development of the Bronx Children's Museum through its pre-launch stage

The Bronx Museum of the Arts
2016 - $100,000 (over two years)

To help upgrade and integrate the Bronx Museum's digital technologies

Bronx River Alliance, Inc.
2016 - $130,000 (over two years)

To help support the Bronx River Greenway Program, which helps to coordinate capital improvements and promote public use of the Greenway

Brooklyn Academy of Music, Inc.
2016 - $175,000 (over two years)

To help create an effective "BAM Virtual Season" distance-learning program and enhance BAM's online study guides for K-12 teachers

Brooklyn Kindergarten Society
2016 - $200,000 (over two years)

To be divided as follow: $75,000 each year to support BKS' early childhood centers, and an additional $50,000 in year one to support the expansion of BKS' work with family child care providers and programming for adults and families in Weeksville Gardens

Brooklyn Public Library
2016 - $100,000 (over fifteen months)

To expand its First Five Years initiative to include multilingual programs and resources and to equip children’s librarians with tools for improving access to information and services

Brooklyn Youth Chorus Academy, Inc.
2016 - $150,000 (over two years)

To support the Choral Music Education and Performance Program and launch a School Management and Communications Initiative

2016 - $150,000 (over eighteen months)

To help support the introduction of a stratified model of care coordination into CAMBA’s Health Link Program for Medicaid enrollees with multiple, complex chronic illnesses, and allowing CAMBA to employ and evaluate the more intensive and evidence-based "Critical Time Intervention" approach with high-acuity high-need clients in crisis or confronting significant social or functional barriers to health

The Carter Burden Center for the Aging, Inc. (aka Carter Burden Network)
2016 - $75,000 (over fifteen months)

To help develop a strategy and business case for sustainability of the Metro East 99th Street Hybrid Social Adult Day Program

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York
2016 - $140,000

To provide capacity building, program development, and direct service support across CCANY's federated agencies

Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens
2016 - $100,000 (over fifteen months)

To further the development and implementation of the Call Center and Walk-In Center programs as efficient points of entry to appropriate agency (and external) services, and an all-client database and IT-based referral tracking system designed to support an integrated approach to case management

The Center for Arts Education, Inc.
2016 - $150,000 (over two years)

To help develop and launch ArtsEdMap, an easy-to-use, multi-lingual mapping tool, designed to provide access to New York City public schools’ arts-in-education data and information; and toward the first phase of a collective impact initiative to expand arts learning in one school district in Central Brooklyn

Center for Family Life in Sunset Park
2016 - $50,000

To help support positive growth and the development of underserved youth in Sunset Park through the acquisition of pre-professional arts skills in the Life Lines Community Arts Project afterschool and summer arts program

Center for New York City Neighborhoods, Inc.
2016 - $200,000 (over two years)

To help support foreclosure prevention services for homeowners and foster more integrated systems to promote and preserve affordable homeownership in New York City

Center for Urban Community Services, Inc.
2016 - $65,000

To help strengthen the infrastructure needed to maximize billing efficiency and achieve financial sustainability through Medicaid reimbursement for primary care services under newly executed Medicaid Managed Care contracts

Change Capital Fund, a project of United Way of New York City
2016 - $250,000 (over two years)

to help support the New York City Change Capital Fund donor collaborative

Children's Defense Fund - New York
2016 - $50,000 (over fourteen months)

To support the development of a report and recommendations that could shape the City's approach to addressing the significant health needs of some of its most vulnerable children -- e.g., homeless children/youth and unaccompanied immigrant minors -- through school-based health programs

Citizens' Committee for Children of New York, Inc.
2016 - $100,000 (over two years)

To provide general operating support for CCC's work on behalf of New York City's children and youth

2016 - $20,000

To help support the Campaign for Children (C4C)

Citizens Union Foundation, Inc.
2016 - $15,000

To provide general support for Gotham Gazette and a $10,000 one-time capacity building grant to help achieve the goals of the strategic plan, particularly around branding and the launch of a new website

City Futures, Inc.
2016 - $50,000

To provide capacity building support to help influence workforce policy

City Limits
2016 - $75,000 (over two years)

To build a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database and communication program that fuels the conversion of engaged readers to paid members and donors, expands outreach to new audiences and communities, and improves impact through targeted community engagement

Civic Consulting USA
2016 - $50,000

To support refinement of a client-service model focused on public-sector agency transformation, including development and testing of a toolkit to be used in assessing the transformation readiness and capacity of its agency clients

Classroom, Inc.
2016 - $75,000 (over sixteen months)

To help support Classroom, Inc.'s programming in inner-city Catholic schools

Columbia University in the City of New York/Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery
2016 - $24,000 (over fifteen months)

To renew capacity building support to create a network of leading Manhattanville artists and community stakeholders and develop and pilot community-based arts and educational programming for the Wallach Gallery's new West Harlem location

Community Health Care Association of New York State
2016 - $50,000 (over six months)

To support capacity building and planning aimed at strengthening its Center for Primary Care Informatics and related data-analytics support services for member clinics as they move toward the creation of Independent Practice Associations, and generally prepare for an era of value-based payment within NYS Medicaid

Cool Culture, Inc.
2016 - $68,000 (over two years)

To help support capacity-building activities to refine core competencies for Cool Culture staff, create new performance evaluation tools, and launch a professional development series to further integrate leadership development, outcomes-based thinking and collaboration across departments into the organization’s culture and practice

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
2016 - $50,000

To support the Saturday and Outreach Programs for New York City high school students

Cornelia Connelly Center for Education
2016 - $100,000 (over two years)

To provide general operating support for the Cornelia Connelly Center middle school and graduate support services

Council on the Environment, Inc. dba GrowNYC
2016 - $35,000

To help support their work on behalf of green spaces and community gardens

Cristo Rey New York High School
2016 - $160,000 (over two years)

To provide general support

Downtown Community Television Center, Inc.
2016 - $90,000 (over two years)

To support DCTV's free long-term intensive media arts training for underserved NYC youth

Early Steps, Inc.
2016 - $35,000

To support outreach and a program of services aimed at helping families of color gain access to an independent school education for their children entering Kindergarten or First Grade, and to support successful fundraising and constituency development in this 30th Anniversary year

The East Harlem School at Exodus House
2016 - $125,000 (over two years)

To provide general operating support

Education Clinic, Inc. (aka St. Aloysius Education Clinic)
2016 - $30,000

To provide general operating support for the Clinic's year-round academic enrichment programs for underserved children and youth

Entrepreneurial Ventures in Education (dba Summer Advantage USA)
2016 - $75,000

To provide support for a free, high-quality summer learning experience for children who attend New York City public schools in Brooklyn and Queens, including Zone 126

ExpandEDSchools (formerly The After-School Corporation)
2016 - $50,000

To support the development of a coordinated and sustainable summer learning system in NYC and document and disseminate best practices of summer learning

Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, Inc. (dba FPWA)
2016 - $75,000

To support production of a report presenting the perspectives and experiences of member agencies on the impact of a number of city policies related to economic equity, and to support continued development and evaluation of educational programs within the Center for Leadership Development

The Financial Clinic
2016 - $50,000

To help develop and formalize a capacity building toolkit to help workforce development organizations to integrate financial security building into their programs and staff competencies, and to help the cohort of WorkBOOSTNYC agencies jointly identify and address systemic to barriers to financial stability and career mobility

The Foundation Center
2016 - $5,000

To provide general support

Friends of the High Line, Inc.
2016 - $50,000

To provide capacity building support for its Community Programs and outreach efforts to engage its neighbors

Fund for the City of New York, Inc.
2016 - $85,000

To provide general operating support for the Student Success Network, a project of the Partner Program of the Fund for the City of New York

2016 - $200,000

To launch a pooled fund to help support the private-match requirements of community-based organizations partcipating in the federally funded NYC Connections to Care program, a program aimed at developing and integrating mental illness prevention, screening, and treatment capacity into the work of fifteen community organizations

George Jackson Academy
2016 - $80,000

To provide general operating support for this model elementary and middle school program for low-income boys in New York City

Gina Gibney Dance
2016 - $100,000 (over two years)

To provide capacity building support for a Marketing, Data and Transaction Initiative that will align institutional identity and streamline data collection and financial transaction systems to support fundraising efforts and financial and operational management of classes, rentals, programs and performances

Goddard Riverside Community Center
2016 - $300,000 (over two years)

To be divided as follows:  $125,00 each year help increase the number of NYC students entering college and attaining degrees through direct counseling and support services and professional development for counselors; and an additional one-time contribution of $50,000 in the first year to support the new position of Options Policy Associate

Good Shepherd Services
2016 - $100,000

To help support their network of afterschool and summer programs located in East New York and Bedford Stuyvesant

Governance Matters, Inc.
2016 - $75,000 (over eighteen months)

To help support transition of VCG Governance Matters's business, service and staffing model to one led by the New York Council of Nonprofits (NYCON)'s administrative and service capacity, bolstered by the addition of a full-time Program Coordinator

The Grace Opportunity Project
2016 - $75,000

To provide general operating support for the GO Project's year-round educational programming for 675 academically struggling public school students in grades K-8

Graduate NYC!
2016 - $40,000

To support NYC College Line, New York City’s digital resource designed to help high school and college students, as well as their college counselors, navigate college application, matriculation, and completion

Grand Street Settlement, Inc.
2016 - $50,000

To provide capacity building support following the completion of a strategic plan

Groundswell Community Mural Project, Inc.
2016 - $30,000

To help support afterschool programs and summer intensives, which provide underserved and economically disadvantaged youth the opportunity to create public art within their communities and develop 21st century skills

Harlem Educational Activities Fund, Inc.
2016 - $40,000

To provide general operating support for HEAF

Harlem RBI, Inc. dba DREAM
2016 - $75,000

To continue the organization's services in East Harlem and the South Bronx, including efforts to strengthen its high-school and college access programming

The HOPE Program, Inc.
2016 - $80,000 (over two years)

To help support a job placement program to help New Yorkers living in poverty achieve economic self-sufficiency

The Horticultural Society of New York, Inc.
2016 - $50,000

To help support a transitional employment program that assists Neighborhood Plaza Partnership sites with horticultural improvements and plaza maintenance

Hot Bread Kitchen
2016 - $75,000 (over two years)

To provide capacity-building support to help strengthen and expand Hot Bread Kitchen's bakery operations

Hudson River Community Sailing
2016 - $30,000

To strengthen engagement in and outcomes from its Youth Development Programs by building counseling capacity

Human Services Council of New York City, Inc.
2016 - $100,000

To create a value-based payment roadmap for the human services sector, charting a path towards sustainability, viability, and quality in the coming managed care system

Hunger Free America, Inc. (formerly New York City Coalition Against Hunger, Inc.)
2016 - $25,000

To provide a final grant for general operating support of anti-poverty/anti-hunger work -- including community organizing, public education, promotion of access to benefits and services, policy advocacy, and the management of internship and volunteer programs

2016 - $200,000 (over two years)

To support iMentor's New York City program designed to create pathways for low-income youth to college enrollment, persistence, and completion

Inner-City Scholarship Fund, Inc.
2016 - $35,000

To help support the Job Opportunities Program (JOP) program, which provides job-readiness workshops, college-preparation mentorships, and summer internships for highly motivated, low-income high school juniors and seniors from inner-city Catholic high schools

The Institute for Family Health, Inc.
2016 - $65,000

To support the refinement of a protocol to screen for adverse social conditions in a primary care setting, and to initiate analysis of referrals and progress made in order to assess impact on patient status and, ultimately, on patient health

International Center of Photography
2016 - $50,000

To support need-based scholarships and the retention and advancement of students receiving these scholarships within the Teen Academy and Imagemakers programs, and to help support early-stage planning and exploration of community programs in and around the neighborhood of ICP's new museum space on the Bowery

Jazz at Lincoln Center, Inc.
2016 - $75,000

To help support the Middle School Jazz Academy

Jewish Association for Services for the Aged
2016 - $75,000 (over fifteen months)

As a final grant to help increase program and service capacity through the development and implementation of a Universal Client Record System (UCRS)

Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services, Inc.
2016 - $150,000 (over eighteen months)

To help support the Value-Based Payment Pilot Project, an 18-month project to plan, identify, implement, and evaluate the organizational systems and changes needed to transition to value-based payment under NYS Medicaid, while developing a model and a learning tool/blueprint for change to be shared across the sector and statewide

Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island, Inc.
2016 - $50,000

To provide support for JCCGCI capacity-building activities aimed at strengthening its programs and the services it provides to vulnerable populations

Jewish Home Lifecare Manhattan (formerly The Jewish Home and Hospital for Aged)
2016 - $60,000

To help support the Geriatric Career Development (GCD) program's academic, college, and workforce preparation for youth

2016 - $60,000

To help support and expand the work of the Lower East Side Employment Network (LESEN)

Lawyers Alliance for New York
2016 - $60,000 (over two years)

To provide business and transactional legal services to nonprofits, including those working in areas of mutual interest to the Altman Foundation and Lawyers Alliance

LEAP, Inc., dba Brooklyn Workforce Innovations
2016 - $50,000 (over fifteen months)

To help BWI enhance its marketing, communications, and outreach to reach the intended targets for its training programs

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.
2016 - $50,000

To help support Phase 3 of the Lincoln Center Local: Free Screenings, designed to bring digitally streamed Lincoln Center performance content to library branches in all five boroughs of New York City

Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center
2016 - $50,000

To provide a final year of capacity building support for the Youth Program during this transitional year of integration with Goddard Riverside Community Center

Madison Square Boys & Girls Club, Inc.
2016 - $100,000

To help support the Explorers Academy afterschool program and efforts to refine and evaluate instructional approaches to preventing summer learning loss

2016 - $50,000

For assessments and capacity building to help plan for constituent building, community partnerships, and educational programs in advance of the development of a new Clubhouse in North Central Harlem

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
2016 - $150,000 (over three years)

To help bring high-quality arts and cultural activities to underserved P-12 NYC students by training educators across disciplines, integrating new training strategies, and documenting changes in classroom practice

Natural Areas Conservancy
2016 - $50,000

To further develop and promote web-based interactive tools that will help encourage more New Yorkers to explore New York City’s forests, wetlands, meadows, and grasslands

Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, Inc.
2016 - $120,000 (over two years)

To help support the Financial Empowerment Integration Model

Neighborhoods First Fund for Community Planning
2016 - $100,000 (over fifteen months)

To support the Neighborhoods First Fund for Community Planning donor collaborative's efforts to improve community-based planning capacity in neighborhoods that are likely to be considered for rezoning initiatives

New Heights Youth, Inc.
2016 - $40,000

To help support College Bound, a year-round high school and college preparatory program

The New York Academy of Medicine
2016 - $150,000 (over eighteen months)

To conduct and report on the results of an applied research study examining best practices, recurrent challenges, and lessons learned in an effort to forge sustainable partnerships between hospitals/health systems and community-based organizations/providers

The New York Botanical Garden
2016 - $200,000 (over three years)

To help support the Children's Education program

New York City Employment and Training Coalition, Inc.
2016 - $35,000

To provide support for the NYCETC's programs, communications, and planning

The New York Community Trust
2016 - $150,000 (over two years)

To help support the New York City Workforce Development Fund

2016 - $50,000

To help support the Hive Digital Media Learning Fund in the New York Community Trust and the transition of the Fund's grantmaking program to the Mozilla Foundation

2016 - $50,000

To help support the Fund for New Citizens' Capacity Building Initiative for Immigrant Organizations

New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute
2016 - $125,000

To help sustain the position of Deputy Executive Director

The New York Immigration Coalition, Inc.
2016 - $150,000 (over two years)

To provide general support for services and advocacy on behalf of immigrant communities and member agencies

New York Interschool Association, Inc.
2016 - $45,000

To support the Faculty Diversity Search program, which identifies and recruits faculty and administrators of color and other underrepresented minorities to teach and work in the New York City independent schools

New Yorkers for Parks
2016 - $60,000

To help foster robust advocacy connections with local parks groups and undertake several projects to bolster the quality, relevance, and impact of its communications tools and research

Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York, Inc.
2016 - $60,000 (over eight months)

To support the development and roll out of a comprehensive three-year strategic plan, aimed at strengthening NPCC and, thereby, the nonprofit sector in the NYC metropolitan region

2016 - $60,000 (over two years)

To leverage NPCC's new leadership to improve and expand programs, services, and benefits, thereby strengthening and improving New York nonprofits and their management practices

Notre Dame School of Manhattan
2016 - $100,000 (over two years)

To create a Facilitator of Mission and Board Development position responsible for identifying and bringing on new board members and strengthening strategic planning and fundraising

NYC Salt, Inc.
2016 - $25,000

To provide capacity building support for long-term sustainability and growth in order to connect more low-income, immigrant NYC youth to high-quality pre-professional arts instruction and post-secondary and career opportunities

Ocean Bay Community Development Corporation
2016 - $60,000

To help support the addition of a Deputy Director to OBCDC's management team

Orchestra of St. Luke's/St. Luke's Chamber Ensemble, Inc.
2016 - $35,000

To help support the growth and programming of the Youth Orchestra of St. Luke's

Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute, Inc.
2016 - $100,000

To help support a targeted initiative to demonstrate the value of home care workers to the clinical outcomes prioritized by NYS's Medicaid strategy—and to enhance the training, roles, and funding needed to support this effort

Park Avenue Armory
2016 - $150,000 (over two years)

To provide capacity building support for the execution and expansion of complex unconventional “only at the Armory” productions and programming

The Partnership for Inner-City Education
2016 - $125,000 (over two years)

To support the continued implementation of a comprehensive academic plan across the Partnership’s network of six schools (Pre-K through Grade 8) in Harlem and the South Bronx

Peter Westbrook Foundation, Inc.
2016 - $35,000

To help support fencing and academic enrichment programs

Philanthropy New York, Inc.
2016 - $17,350

To help provide general support

Phipps Neighborhoods, Inc.
2016 - $50,000

To support the Phipps Neighborhood Education and Learning Initiative in its continuing work building standardized education practices, structured program evaluation protocols, effective staff development, and a positive practitioners' culture among Phipps's teaching staff

Power of Two, a project of Fund for the City of New York, Inc.
2016 - $75,000

To provide general operating support for Power of Two to serve at least 500 infants and their primary caregivers in Brownsville and East New York, Brooklyn through a short-term, evidence-based home visiting program, Attachment and Bio-behavioral Catch-Up (ABC)

Pratt Institute
2016 - $35,000

To support the capacity building efforts of Pratt’s Center for Art, Design, and Community Engagement K-12 as it works to increase access to art and design education for young people from underserved communities and evaluate the impact of those efforts

Queens Community House, Inc.
2016 - $50,000

To promote recognition, across QCH sites and programs, of a cohesive QCH brand that is representative of its values, vision, approach, outcomes, and integrated network

Queens Council on the Arts, Inc.
2016 - $50,000 (over two years)

To help support the High School to Art School (HS2AS) initiative

Queens Museum of Art (dba Queens Museum)
2016 - $100,000

To help support the Art and Literacy Program for New New Yorkers

Read Alliance, Inc. (formerly Reading Excellence and Discovery Foundation, Inc. dba Read Alliance)
2016 - $100,000

To provide general support for READ's early literacy work in New York City

Red Hook Initiative
2016 - $60,000

To develop and launch RHI Institute, a comprehensive professional development program to give frontline staff the time and training necessary to advance within the organization

ReServe Elder Service, Inc.
2016 - $40,000

To pursue strategies and partnerships that will help to ensure the sustainability of ReServe's Dementia Care Coach (DCC) program

Row New York, Inc.
2016 - $120,000 (over two years)

To provide general operating support for rowing and academic programs in New York City

Saint Ignatius School/New York Nativity
2016 - $25,000 (over fifteen months)

As a final grant to help support the salary of a full-time Advancement Associate

SeaChange Capital Partners, Inc.
2016 - $125,000 (over twenty-seven months)

To renew participation in New York Merger, Acquistion, and Collaboration Fund (NYMAC), which encourages and supports mergers, acquisitions, and other types of formal, long-term collaborations between nonprofit organizations serving New York City

Sphinx Organization, Inc.
2016 - $25,000 (over eighteen months)

To provide a planning grant to support and grow the capacity and sustainability of the Sphinx Organization's New York partnerships, programming, and impact

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, Inc.
2016 - $300,000 (over three years)

To continue support for SEO's "OpportunityX2" expansion initiative in New York

Stonewall Community Development Corp.
2016 - $15,000 (over ten months)

To conduct a citywide survey and generate a comprehensive market profile report on the needs of Lesbian Gay Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning (LGBTQ) seniors throughout the five boroughs in regards to affordable housing, aging in place, support networks and related health, financial and social services provision and coordination

Storefront Academy Harlem (aka The Children's Storefront)
2016 - $50,000

To provide general operating support for the Storefront Academy Harlem school

STRIVE International Inc. (formerly known as East Harlem Employment Service Inc.)
2016 - $37,500 (over fifteen months)

To increase the performance analysis and management capabilities of STRIVE - New York

Student/Sponsor Partnership, Inc.
2016 - $50,000

To help support services to students, mentors, and schools

The Studio Museum in Harlem
2016 - $200,000 (over two years)

To help revitalize the Museum’s technology infrastructure and website with the goal of strengthening communications, content delivery, and audience engagement as the Museum prepares for the temporary re-siting of its programming (the InHARLEM project) and the creation of its new building

Summer on the Hill
2016 - $40,000

To provide academic enrichment and counseling for promising underserved students from Manhattan and the Bronx

Sunnyside Community Services, Inc.
2016 - $85,000

To support the Spanish Language Home Health Aid (HHA) Training Program and to help support capacity-building efforts to develop a "value proposition" for home health care within a continuum of care for seniors

Support Center for Nonprofit Management, Inc.
2016 - $50,000

To expand the Support Center's consulting work, including nonprofit restructuring, and enhance its executive transition work

Supportive Housing Network of New York, Inc.
2016 - $35,000

To provide support for policy and advocacy efforts to address challenges and maximize opportunities arising from New York State's interest in supportive housing as one strategy to strengthen health outcomes and reduce health costs in the care of homeless and recently homeless Medicaid enrollees

Teachers College, Columbia University
2016 - $120,000 (over two years)

To help diversify and strengthen faculty and administrators of color in independent and nonpublic New York City schools through participation in the Klingenstein Center master’s degree programs and post-participation in an online coaching program

Third Street Music School Settlement
2016 - $30,000

To develop and launch a comprehensive Sound Engineering and Production program offering students a vital new resource to enhance the production, learning, and sharing of music

United Jewish Appeal-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, Inc.
2016 - $150,000 (over eighteen months)

To enable UJA-Federation of New York,  Federation of Protestant Welfare  Agencies (FPWA), and Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York to offer a program of learning labs and customized technical assistance to nonprofit agencies in their networks that are confronted with significant challenges, opportunities, and uncertainties related to New York State's Medicaid redesign

United Neighborhood Houses of New York, Inc.
2016 - $75,000

To provide $50,000 in general operating support for policy and advocacy work in priority areas of interest or concern to NYC's settlement houses and for its portfolio of member services, as well as an additional one-time $25,000 to develop and launch new programs or advocacy initiatives, build stronger and more effective member services, and institute a system to document impact in both arenas

Urban Pathways, Inc.
2016 - $50,000 (over fifteen months)

To help support the implementation and evaluation of a Medical Wellness Program that introduces basic health education and monitoring on site at its supportive housing residences, to connect residents to community-based health care, and by so doing, engage clients in primary care and reduce reliance on emergency services

Woodlawn Conservancy, Inc.
2016 - $80,000 (over two years)

To help support the Woodlawn Cemetery training program in stone masonry and historic preservation

Workforce Professionals Training Institute
2016 - $150,000 (over two years)

To provide support for training, consulting, and field-building and communications initiatives to strengthen workforce development programs, organizations, and systems in New York City

Year Up, Inc.
2016 - $100,000

To support Year Up New York’s core professional training and internship program for disconnected young adults

Youth Development Institute
2016 - $35,000

To help support the Career Internship Network