Recognizing the critical importance of health and mental health care to individuals, families, and communities, the Foundation invests in programs or projects that achieve results aligned with the objectives outlined below. Please note that the "Results Sought" reflect the specific outcomes of highest interest to us at this time.

Expand access to health care for underserved, uninsured, or vulnerable populations or communities.

Results Sought:

  1. Increase in number of New Yorkers with adequate health insurance, particularly public and/or publicly subsidized health insurance
  2. Decrease in system- or community-wide barriers to health care or particular health services due to, e.g., immigration status, economic means, or provider capacity
  3. System- or community-wide increase in number of New Yorkers able to seek, navigate, and manage their health care and health insurance, either alone or with the help of a caregiver

(Within this focus area, priority is given to projects aimed at systems-change or that are systemic or community-wide in scale or approach.)

2013 Grants

Children's Defense Fund - New York
To help support access by children and families to health insurance and enrollment assistance under New York's Health Benefits Exchange, and a preliminary investigation into models for improved school-based health care in NYC

Community Health Care Association of New York State
$180,000 (over 18 months)
To help support NYC-based Federally Qualified Health Centers in their efforts to facilitate enrollment of uninsured patients into public or commercial health insurance through the NYS Health Benefit Exchange

Hospital for Special Surgery
To improve quality of care and care management in pediatric orthopedic services for medically underserved, low-income pediatric patients with the most complex orthopedic conditions

The Institute for Family Health, Inc.
$100,000 (over eighteen months)
To develop, implement, and launch an evaluation of a messaging campaign designed to increase patient engagement in its community-based primary care and preventive health services

Make the Road New York
To monitor trends and changes in health care utilization and coverage following launch of New York State's health insurance marketplace

Medicare Rights Center, Inc.
To help support the Community Partners Program in adding new partners, developing 'advanced' partnerships, and expanding the content areas for training and education

The Mental Health Association of New York City, Inc.
$120,000 (over eighteen months)
To support a project of the Geriatric Mental Health Alliance to advance the integration of mental health care into managed care-supported services for older adults

The New York Academy of Medicine
To develop recommendations and stimulate system changes to improve support for older adults in NYC immediately before, during, and following a disaster event

New York State Health Foundation
$115,000 (over sixteen months)
To help support the New York State Health Foundation's multi-agency health insurance outreach and enrollment initiative, with a sub-grant to a community-based nonprofit selected through its Request for Proposals