Given that high-quality education is a key driver of social and economic mobility and essential to equitable opportunity for all, the Foundation invests in organizations, programs, and projects that achieve results aligned with the two objectives outlined below. We give priority to initiatives in our areas of interest that expand or enhance multiple programs or schools across a system or network. As a general rule, we do not provide support for individual early childhood programs, or individual district schools, charter schools, public universities, or private colleges/universities. Please note that the "Results Sought" reflect the specific outcomes of interest to us.

Provide disadvantaged children and youth with more high-quality learning time through early childhood education and afterschool, summer, and expanded learning programs.

Results Sought:

  1. Significantly improve the social, emotional, and cognitive development of young children
  2. Measurably improve the academic performance of disadvantaged students
  3. Significantly improve students’ ability to learn, work, and thrive in a digital society
  4. Demonstrably improve the effectiveness of leadership, faculty, and staff
Grants 2017

All Our Kin
$50,000 (over fifteen months)
To bring All Our Kin's proven model for raising the quality, availability, and sustainability of family child care to New York City

The B.E.L.L. Foundation, Inc.
To support BELL’s technical assistance partnership with the Office of Community Schools at the New York City Department of Education for the 2017 Summer in the City program, which seeks to serve approximately 400 scholars at 10 Community Schools in New York City

Brooklyn Public Library
$96,000 (over fifteen months)
To launch Team Up to Read, a six-week family workshop series at 20 libraries and provide enhanced early literacy reference materials for parents in order to strengthen reading skills among children ages 5-9

Citizen Schools, Inc.
To help support the Citizen Schools Expanded Learning Time program in New York City

The Eagle Academy Foundation, Inc.
To support Eagle Academies' extended learning and college readiness programming

Early Steps, Inc.
$70,000 (over two years)
To provide a final grant in support of outreach to families of color about the benefits of an independent school education; counseling for applicant families through the admissions process; and workshops for applicant families and school administrators

Entrepreneurial Ventures in Education (dba Summer Advantage USA)
To provide support for a free, high-quality summer learning experience for children who attend New York City public schools in Brooklyn and Queens, including Zone 126

$60,000 (over eleven months)
To design and implement an intervention in the after-school hours that builds literacy skills in upper elementary school students (grades 4-5) at three NYC schools serving low-income communities

The Fund for Public Schools, Inc.
To support the expansion of NYC Pre-K Explore, a comprehensive, two-year professional learning track with specialized training for teachers and site leaders to implement a research-based curriculum in Pre-K for All classrooms across the city

Good Shepherd Services
To help support Good Shepherd Services’ cohort of seven afterschool programs in East New York and Bedford-Stuyvesant

The Grace Opportunity Project
To provide general operating support for the GO Project's year-round educational programming for academically struggling public school students K-8

Graduate NYC!
$100,000 (over three years)
To support the College Completion Innovation Fund (CCIF) of Graduate NYC!

Harlem Academy
$130,000 (over two years)
To provide general support for this academically rigorous independent school

Jewish Home Lifecare Manhattan (formerly The Jewish Home and Hospital for Aged)
To support the Geriatric Career Development program and its work to enhance the overall academic, college, and workforce preparation of under-served NYC youth

Madison Square Boys & Girls Club, Inc.
To help support the Explorers Academy afterschool program and efforts to refine and evaluate instructional approaches to preventing summer learning loss

The New York Community Trust (Early Childhood Partners NYC)
To support Early Childhood Partners NYC, a collaborative funding network dedicated to ensuring that all NYC children enter kindergarten prepared for lifelong success

New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute
To help support the Early Childhood Leadership Initiative and provide career support and professional development to early childhood program leaders and directors in New York City

Power of Two, a project of Fund for the City of New York, Inc.
To provide general operating support for Power of Two to serve infants and their primary caregivers through a short-term, evidence-based home visiting program, Attachment and Bio-behavioral Catch-Up (ABC)

Read Alliance, Inc. (formerly Reading Excellence and Discovery Foundation, Inc. dba Read Alliance)
To provide general support for READ's early literacy work in New York City

Read to Lead Inc. (FKA Classroom, Inc.)
To help support Classroom Inc.'s work in inner-city Catholic schools

ScriptEd (dba Code Nation)
To support ScriptEd’s New York City-based pipeline of programming

Summer on the Hill
To provide high quality education and guidance on school choices to high-achieving, low-income public school students in grades 3 - 12 from the Bronx and Upper Manhattan

Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation
$50,000 (over eighteen months)
To strengthen program evaluation practices and develop an evaluation tool that can more accurately document service quality and improvements in home-based childcare settings

Increase access to and success in high-quality post-secondary educational opportunities.

Results Sought:

  1. Significantly improve the social-emotional capacities of youth essential to college and career success
  2. Increase the number of underserved students enrolled in and completing college
  3. Increase the number of underserved students enrolled in and completing other high-quality post-secondary training and credentialing programs
Grants 2017

Barnard College
To strengthen programs serving disadvantaged students and help support the academic success and persistence of these students at particularly vulnerable stages in the academic pipeline

Bottom Line
$200,000 (over two years)
To help support Bottom Line’s growing College Success Program

East Harlem Tutorial Program, Inc.
$150000 (over two years)
To provide general operating support for EHTP's out-of-school-time programs

East Side House Settlement, Inc.
$50,000 (over fifteen months)
To launch a pilot of the Post-Secondary Pathways (PSP) program

George Jackson Academy
$150,000 (over two years)
To provide general operating support for this model elementary and middle school program for low-income boys in New York City

Inner-City Scholarship Fund, Inc.
To help support the Job Opportunities Program (JOP), which provides job-readiness workshops, college-preparation mentorships, and summer internships for highly motivated, low-income high school juniors and seniors from inner-city Catholic schools

Legal Outreach, Inc.
To help support the summer Law and Justice Institute for rising ninth graders and the year-round, multi-faceted, four-year College Bound program for vulnerable and under-served high school students

The New York Opportunity Network, Inc. dba The Opportunity Network
$150,000 (over two years)
For general operating support to help provide low-income public high school students with access to career development training, professional networks, and competitive colleges

$50,000 (over fifteen months)
To support OneGoal's expansion in New York City schools

The Posse Foundation, Inc.
To help support the Posse New York STEM Program

Student/Sponsor Partnership, Inc.
To help support the College and Career Program

Union Settlement Association, Inc.
To provide time-limited support for key programs serving college-bound and disconnected youth, preschool children, and senior citizens