The Foundation has an historic interest in ensuring that individuals and families living in the city have access to the services and resources they need to pursue and sustain successful lives. The Foundation invests in organizations, programs, and projects that achieve results aligned with the objectives outlined below. Please note that the "Results Sought" reflect the specific outcomes of interest to us.

Build and preserve economic security and independence among low-income individuals and families.

Results Sought:

  1. Increase the number of low-income New Yorkers who are placed in and retain jobs that support economic independence
  2. Increase the number of low-income New Yorkers enrolled in public benefits that complement work
  3. Enable vulnerable populations (e.g., the elderly) to remain in their own homes and communities, with a focus on systemic efforts to address barriers to independence
Grants 2013

Bowery Residents' Committee, Inc.
To help support the Horizons Workforce Development Program

Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens
To help support the Parish & Community program's efforts to strengthen client services, case management, and community outreach, along with its capacity to report on the results of these services

City Futures, Inc.
To be used over fifteen months to help increase the Center for an Urban Future's capacity for research and advocacy in the field of workforce development

Credit Where Credit Is Due, Inc.
To help support the Getting Ahead Program and further development of the work-based financial literacy program

Food Bank for New York City
To help support the New York City Earned Income Tax Credit Program

The Fund for Public Advocacy, Inc.
To help support the 2013 GED Campaign to Finish

Hunger Free America, Inc. (formerly New York City Coalition Against Hunger, Inc.)
To help support ongoing anti-hunger advocacy and year two of the Coalition's Food Secure 2018 Campaign, with a focus on the administrative and executive action agenda

Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island, Inc.
To provide general support for the Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island

As general support to help this workforce development intermediary improve the employment opportunities available to young adults who are out of work and out of school

The Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City
$150,000 (over two years)
To help support the WorkAdvance program in New York City and help provide the local match for a Social Innovation Fund grant

New York City Employment and Training Coalition, Inc.
To help NYCETC augment its communications and marketing capacity and, in turn, improve the reach, frequency, and effectiveness of programs and convenings for its network of workforce development organizations

NPower NY, Inc.
$50,000 (over sixteen months)
To help support the Technology Service Corps workforce development program for disconnected youth in New York as it seeks to improve its services and outcomes

Workforce Professionals Training Institute
$100,000 (over two years)
To help support the development, implementation, and evaluation of WPTI's core training programs for workforce development organizations and staff

Year Up, Inc.
To help support Year Up NYC, a professional apprenticeship and job training program for disconnected young adults

YMCA of Greater New York
$150,000 (over two years)
To help establish the first Y Roads Center to improve education and employment opportunities for out-of-school and out-of work youth in south Jamaica, Queens

Promote and sustain the availability of, and equitable access to, essential community resources needed to support stable, healthy communities, with an emphasis on systemic efforts.

Results Sought:

  1. Preserve and/or increase the quality and amount of affordable housing
  2. Preserve and/or increase the quality and availability of well-maintained parks and open spaces, and other essential community resources
Grants 2013

The Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development, Inc.
Divided as follows: $75,000 to help launch the planning phase of the Change Capital Fund, a new initiative of the Neighborhood Opportunities Fund, and $25,000 to help provide transition support for the Initiative for Neighborhood and Community Organizing

Local Initiatives Support Corporation
To help support the First Responder Initiative to help New York City community development corporations stabilize current activities and assets

New Yorkers for Parks
$100,000 (over six months)
To help New Yorkers for Parks commission an independent analysis of the maintenance costs for Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City, Inc.
$150,000 (over two years)
To help support Homeownership Promotion and Preservation Programs and Services

The New York Community Trust (New York City Workforce Development Fund)
To help support the New York City Workforce Development Fund

Waterfront Alliance, Inc. (FKA Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, Inc.)
To help expand MWA's communication capacity and increase its effectiveness