The Foundation has an historic interest in ensuring that individuals and families living in the city have access to the services and resources they need to pursue and sustain successful lives. The Foundation invests in organizations, programs, and projects that achieve results aligned with the objectives outlined below. Please note that the "Results Sought" reflect the specific outcomes of interest to us.

Build and preserve economic security and independence among low-income individuals and families.

Results Sought:

  1. Increase the number of low-income New Yorkers who are placed in and retain jobs that support economic independence
  2. Increase the number of low-income New Yorkers enrolled in public benefits that complement work
  3. Enable vulnerable populations (e.g., the elderly) to remain in their own homes and communities, with a focus on systemic efforts to address barriers to independence
Grants 2022

Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service
To support a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative

CEC Stuyvesant Cove Inc. dba Solar One
To support a Clean Energy Career Accelerator providing clean energy workforce development and job placement strategies

Change Machine (FKA The Financial Clinic)
$75,000 (over eighteen months)
To help further the integration of an equity-focus into its training, curricula, and efforts to address financial insecurity, and to help support related partnerships in New York City

Food Bank for New York City
To support its IRS-certified Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program

Hot Bread Kitchen Ltd.
$75,000 (over eighteen months)
To support the expansion of workforce development programs via the development and implementation of community outposts

$200,000 (over two years)
To provide general operating support

The Knowledge House Fellowship, Inc.
$100,000 (over two years)
To expand postsecondary and career opportunities for emerging technologists from underserved communities in NYC

Make the Road New York
$150,000 (over eighteen months)
To assess and develop plans to better address service needs in Queens low-income immigrant communities

New York City Employment and Training Coalition, Inc.
$100,000 (over two years)
For general support

The New York Community Trust (New York City Workforce Development Fund)
To support the New York City Workforce Development Fund, a funder collaborative at The New York Community Trust

Per Scholas Inc.
$150,000 (over two years)
To help support its increased advocacy efforts in New York

Workforce Professionals Training Institute
$175,000 (over two years)
To support the implementation of Phase II activities of WPTI’s multi-year, Digital Transformation Initiative

Promote and sustain the availability of, and equitable access to, essential community resources needed to support stable, healthy communities, with an emphasis on systemic efforts.

Results Sought:

  1. Preserve and/or increase the quality and amount of affordable housing
  2. Preserve and/or increase the quality and availability of well-maintained parks and open spaces, and other essential community resources
Grants 2022

Bronx River Alliance, Inc.
$110,000 (over two years)
To support the completion of the Bronx River Greenway, a 27 mile-long series of connected parks and trails

Brooklyn Public Library
To launch a new Digital Navigation Program aimed at helping Brooklynites enroll in the federal Affordable Connectivity Program 

Center for New York City Neighborhoods, Inc.
$200,000 (over two years)
To help New York’s low- to moderate-income homeowners recover financially from the pandemic through service delivery and systems change efforts

Change Capital Fund, a project of United Way of New York City
$275,000 (over two years)
To help build the capacity of nonprofit, community-based organizations in high-poverty neighborhoods to acquire and develop properties including, affordable housing, community facilities, and economic development projects that address the local needs determined by community members 

City Parks Foundation, Inc. (Green Relief and Recovery Fund)
To support the NYC Green Relief and Recovery Fund and to add formal, structured support for the NYC Parks and Open Space Partners coalition

The New York Community Trust (GoVoteNYC Collaborative Fund)
$200,000 (over two years)
To support the GoVoteNYC funding collaborative's efforts to strengthen voter engagement in New York City

New York Landmarks Conservancy, Inc.
$75,000 (over two years)
To provide financial and technical assistance and project management support to nonprofit organizations housed in architecturally significant buildings located within and/or working on behalf of low-income communities in New York City

Riders Alliance
$60,000 (over fifteen months)
To explore, elevate, and help meet the public transit needs of low-income New Yorkers