Strengthening Communities

The Foundation has an historic interest in ensuring that individuals and families living in the city have access to the services and resources they need to pursue and sustain successful lives. The Foundation invests in organizations, programs, and projects that achieve results aligned with the objectives outlined below. Please note that the "Results Sought" reflect the specific outcomes of interest to us.

Build and preserve economic security and independence among low-income individuals and families.

Results Sought:

  1. Increase the number of low-income New Yorkers who are placed in and retain jobs that support economic independence
  2. Increase the number of low-income New Yorkers enrolled in public benefits that complement work
  3. Enable vulnerable populations (e.g., the elderly) to remain in their own homes and communities, with a focus on systemic efforts to address barriers to independence

2016 Grants

Change Capital Fund, a project of United Way of New York City
$250,000 (over two years)
To help support the New York City Change Capital Fund donor collaborative

City Futures, Inc.
To provide capacity building support to help influence workforce policy

The Financial Clinic
To help develop and formalize a capacity building toolkit to help workforce development organizations to integrate financial security building into their programs and staff competencies, and to help the cohort of WorkBOOSTNYC agencies jointly identify and address systemic to barriers to financial stability and career mobility

The HOPE Program, Inc.
$80,000 (over two years)
To help support a job placement program to help New Yorkers living in poverty achieve economic self-sufficiency

Hunger Free America, Inc. (formerly New York City Coalition Against Hunger, Inc.)
To provide a final grant for general operating support of anti-poverty/anti-hunger work -- including community organizing, public education, promotion of access to benefits and services, policy advocacy, and the management of internship and volunteer programs

Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island, Inc.
To provide support for JCCGCI capacity-building activities aimed at strengthening its programs and the services it provides to vulnerable populations

To help support and expand the work of the Lower East Side Employment Network (LESEN)

LEAP, Inc., dba Brooklyn Workforce Innovations
$50,000 (over fifteen months)
To help BWI enhance its marketing, communications, and outreach to reach the intended targets for its training programs

Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, Inc.
$120,000 (over two years)
To help support the Financial Empowerment Integration Model

New York City Employment and Training Coalition, Inc.
To provide support for the NYCETC's programs, communications, and planning

The New York Community Trust
$150,000 (over two years)
To help support the New York City Workforce Development Fund

Phipps Neighborhoods, Inc.
To support the Phipps Neighborhood Education and Learning Initiative in its continuing work building standardized education practices, structured program evaluation protocols, effective staff development, and a positive practitioners' culture among Phipps's teaching staff

Red Hook Initiative
To develop and launch RHI Institute, a comprehensive professional development program to give frontline staff the time and training necessary to advance within the organization

STRIVE International Inc. (formerly known as East Harlem Employment Service Inc.)
$37,500 (over fifteen months)
To increase the performance analysis and management capabilities of STRIVE - New York

Workforce Professionals Training Institute
$150,000 (over two years)
To provide support for training, consulting, and field-building and communications initiatives to strengthen workforce development programs, organizations, and systems in New York City

Year Up, Inc.
To support Year Up New York’s core professional training and internship program for disconnected young adults