Strengthening Communities

The Foundation has an historic interest in ensuring that individuals and families living in the city have access to the services and resources they need to pursue and sustain successful lives. The Foundation invests in organizations, programs, and projects that achieve results aligned with the objectives outlined below. Please note that the "Results Sought" reflect the specific outcomes of interest to us.

Build and preserve economic security and independence among low-income individuals and families.

Results Sought:

  1. Increase the number of low-income New Yorkers who are placed in and retain jobs that support economic independence
  2. Increase the number of low-income New Yorkers enrolled in public benefits that complement work
  3. Enable vulnerable populations (e.g., the elderly) to remain in their own homes and communities, with a focus on systemic efforts to address barriers to independence

2019 Grants

Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island, Inc.
$100,000 (over two years)
To support key areas of organizational capacity aimed at strengthening and sustaining programs and services

To help support the development and implementation of place-based workforce development initiatives that achieve better outcomes for young people

New York City Employment and Training Coalition, Inc.
To help support communications and convening activities

Phipps Neighborhoods, Inc.
To support the Career Network:  Healthcare program

United Jewish Appeal-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, Inc.
For planning and development of program and community partnerships in preparation for the opening of a multi-service Queens Hub